Well needless to say it is not easy running a restaurant and resort in Muskoka (probably anywhere but I can only speak from experience). Especially when you have a lot of big (some might say, insane) plans to accomplish in a very short amount of time. My family has been working tirelessly for about the last year and we have made incredible progress!

The Norsemen Restaurant has been transformed:

  • Restored the original Oak floors
  • Recovered the chairs
  • Rebuilt and updated the bar (phase one)
  • New kitchen floors
  • Brand new menu!




We started the 7 cottages at Walker Lake Resort thinking we would just renovate a few and paint them all.  Well that didn’t happen.  Instead we fully updated all of them!  Here’s a look at one!

Cedar Cottage Living Room

We are so tired but extremely happy at the end of year one.  We can’t wait to see what happens next…maybe a new garden?